It’s a TRAP!

A fresh new mix from an emerging genre. Taste the flavor of hip-hop, dubsteb and hardstyle, all covered in a spicy souce of TRAP.


  1. Lunice – Hip hop
  2. Nelly ft. Nicki Minaj & Pharell – Get like me
  3. Sibot – Magnet jam
  4. UZ – Trap shit V8
  5. Dj Fresh & Diplo – Motherquake
  6. Yellow Claw – Kaolo
  7. Mr. Carmack – Hopscotch
  8. Mr. Carmack – Birth control
  9. Dj Snake ft. Alesia – Bird machine
  10. Lady Bee – Murda dem
  11. Bro Safari – The drop
  12. Bert on Beats – Dab (Dj Sliink Remix)
  13. Hardwell – Spaceman (Carnage Festival TRAP remix)
  14. Jeckyll & Hyde – Lost In Time
  15. TNGHT – Higher ground
  16. The Music Factory – Higher (Originally performed by Just Blaze and Baauer)
  17. Jeckyll & Hyde – The Flipside
  18. Free the Universe ft. Laidback Luke & Ms. Dynamite – Sweat
  19. Lunice – Hitmanes Anthem

Minimal Chart March 2012

It only takes a few seconds to recognize a good minimal track throughout all the stuff that is thrown at you these days. During my never ending quest for the freshest, tightest minimal tracks I found these. If you are into minimal, techno, house or tech-house, tighten up your panties and sharpen your ears for these floor killers. For a preview of the track, hit the iTunes button next to the track.
  1. Blood and Soul – Mac-Kee Blood and Soul - Blood and Soul Ep
  2. Optimist (Original Mix) Mac-Kee Optimist (Original Mix) - Dirty Drive Sounds (Collective #1)
  3. Fockeberg (Mac-Kee’s Hotfinger Mix) – Chris Manura Fockeberg (Mac-Kee's Hotfinger Mix) - Fockeberg - EP
  4. Angola (Original Mix) – Gel Abril Angola (Original Mix) - Angola / Changes - Single
  5. Move Me (Matthias Meyer & Patlac Remix) – René Breitbarth Move Me (Matthias Meyer & Patlac Remix) - To The Rhythm EP
  6. Melodica – Stimming Melodica - Gaensebluemchen - EP
  7. Sonnenblut am Platz der Perlen (Constantijn Lange Remix) – Duererstuben Sonnenblut am Platz der Perlen (Constantijn Lange Remix) - 360 Degree Tech House, Vol. 2
  8. Montenegros (Andy Kohlmann Remix) – L-Jems Montenegros (Andy Kohlmann Remix) - Montenegros - EP
  9. Nikita (Andy Kohlmann Remix) – Martin Books Nikita (Andy Kohlmann Remix) - Nikita - EP
  10. Steppenzebra (Original Mix) – Andy Kohlmann Steppenzebra (Original Mix) - Ziegen Kalinka EP

Synchronics just got pimped!

Goodbye old website, hello there shiny new thing!

Even though we really loved the old website, it just didn’t do the trick anymore. Therefore we decided to crack it open, unscrew all nuts and bolds and build us a new one!

While doing so, we want to introduce a whole new paradigm shift into this website. Instead of showing you some boring static web pages – which are of course so 2008 – we want you to get involved in our workflow, our way of thinking and of course our burning passion for music!

Throughout time, we’ll inject your brain with reviews, howto’s and sneak peeks into the making of our tracks. In return we want you to share your thoughts, comments and remarks using the social media channels we’ve all grown to like.